Frequently Asked Questions About Window Coverings

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Frequently Asked Questions About Window Coverings by Winco Blinds & Window Fashion

Window coverings have two purposes: one is to tie a room together and the other is to improve the functionality of windows. However, as there are several window covering options available today, identifying the right one for your needs can become a challenge. To arm you with the most accurate information about window coverings according to various situations, Winco Blinds & Window Fashion has answered some of the most frequently asked questions about window coverings.

1. How to make my home a more fashionable space?
If you’re looking to introduce a noticeable change to enhance the style of your home, investing in blinds can work wonders for your interiors. They come in a variety of fashionable designs that are suitable for any interior environment.

2. Do I need window coverings for my home?
Yes, every house can benefit from using window coverings as they improve the ambiance inside your home and can encourage a relaxing mood. Similarly, window coverings like blinds provide privacy, and if you choose correctly, they can even help you produce modern interiors and control the amount of light and heat from entering your house.

3. How to choose window coverings for my home?
When helping our clients choose window treatments, we usually recommend the following:

a. Blackout Dual Shade Combi Blinds
b. The Roller Shade Blackout
c. Sunscreen Shade

A Dual Shade Combi allows you to see through the exterior from the alternate sheer panels of the blinds, while Roller Shade Blackout gives you maximum light coverage. Sunscreen Shades can reduce glare and also help you regulate the temperatures in your house.

4. What are the common problems with window coverings?
There are two primary challenges you may face with window coverings they are:

a. High maintenance
Some window coverings are tough to maintain as they require more effort. For example, the conservative horizontal blinds are more labor-intensive to clean. Whereas the Dual Shade Combi blinds and Roller Shades are super low maintenance as they have more flat surface compared to individual horizontal blades.

b. Child safety
Window coverings with long cords can be a safety hazard to children and pets as they can easily get entangled in them and suffer from suffocation. At Winco Blinds & Window Fashion, we can install for you a cord-free holder stationed on the wall to keep the cord out of the reach of infants, small children, and pets.

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