How To Measure My Window (Inside Frame) For Blinds

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Learn How To Measure Your Windows For Outside Frame by Winco Blinds & Window Fashion

When buying blinds for your windows, it’s vital to get the exact measurements so your windows are covered completely. If the blinds don’t cover every part of the glass pane, the window covering will not be effective at keeping the light, heat, or cold out. Moreover, it will look odd from an aesthetical perspective.

To ensure your blinds fit your windows perfectly, you need to know how to measure your windows and which measurements to provide to your supplier. As an expert in window coverings, Winco Blinds & Window Fashion has explained how to measure your window (inside frame) for blinds. Follow these steps to get the right measurements and the perfect window treatment.

1. Check the frame depth
Ensure your window frame depth is at least one and a half inches to install blinds inside the frame. If the depth is any less, you may struggle to fit this window treatment into place.

2. Get the exact measurements
When measuring your window frame, try to get the precise width at the top, middle, and bottom. These numbers can be shared with your window treatment provider so they can identify the perfect blinds for your windows.

3. Use the narrowest width
Make sure to take the measurements of the narrowest width of your window to your treatment provider. They will then make the deductions for railings, mounting brackets, etc.

4. Measure the window height
To measure the window’s exact height, take the measurements at the left, middle, and right side. That way, you are sure that your window is leveled. If not, you can get customized blinds to fit them with these measurements.

5. Use the longest height
Again, try to provide the measurements of the longest height of your window to your window treatment provider. They will then make the deductions for railings, mounting brackets, etc.

For more details on measuring your windows or acquiring the perfect blinds, reach out to Winco Blinds & Window Fashion. We are a window shades and blinds shop in Edmonton, AB. We manufacturer a wide variety of blinds and shades for all kinds of windows. As we compose and assemble all of our products in-house, we can offer you affordable prices. Besides this, our window coverings options are fashionable, functional, and practical. They block the bright outdoor light and UV rays. Similarly, they allow natural light infusion to your room’s interiors with controlled privacy and air-flow to enhance insulation.

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