How To Measure Your Windows? (For Outside Frame)

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Learn How To Measure Your Windows For Inside Frame by Winco Blinds & Window Fashion

Window coverings like blinds can really add to the homey feel and atmosphere of your house. They can even tie your interior design together and enhance the function of your windows. However, finding the ideal fit for your windows can be challenging. A poor fit can stick out like a sore thumb and make your interiors appear disorganized.

To help you overcome this challenge, Winco Blinds & Window Fashion has explained how to measure your windows for outside frames. With the steps we’ve listed below, you can make sure you have the exact dimensions you need for your specific windows.

1. Know where you’ll place your blinds
Determine the exact place you want to mount your blinds. For example, you may choose to mount them on the wall above the molding or directly onto the surface of the molding.

2. Measure the wall above
If you want to mount your blinds on the wall above, you’ll need to measure the width to be covered, including the desired overlap for light control and privacy. We recommend adding three inches to each side for the overlap. The next step is to measure the height to be covered. This includes the desired overlap below the window opening for light control and privacy, as well as the space for your mounting brackets or upper cassette, which will need to be above the window opening. We recommend adding three inches to the height.

3. Measure the surface of the molding
To mount your blinds directly on the molding, you will need to measure the width from the outer edge to the outer trim. DO NOT MAKE additions. Then measure the height from the top of the trim to where you would like the shade to cover at the bottom.

There you go, these are the three steps you’ll need to measure your windows for the outside frames. For more details on window enhancements and treatments, reach out to us at Winco Blinds & Window Fashion. We are a window shades and blinds shop in Edmonton, AB. We manufacture window treatments locally, offering fast and efficient services to you and our valued customers. Our products are all composed and assembled in our own factory. This allows us to offer very competitive prices directly to you. It also enables us to offer a wide variety of fashionable window covering options that are functional and practical.

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