Five Tips For Maintaining Your Blinds

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Get The Five Tips For Maintaining Your Blinds by Winco Blinds & Window Fashion

Maintaining windows, curtains, and blinds can be quite challenging, especially through a pandemic when it was difficult to connect with people who would assist with looking after them. Getting the right blinds fitted to a house or apartment can be expensive, but most people do not mind the additional cost if they get a good quality set. Finding a good quality set can be difficult because some versions have no way of [picking up on changes or noticing differences.

There were other challenges with finding good blinds through the pandemic, with the primary one being that there were restrictions on travel and crossing the borders, which made getting the supplies quite challenging. Furthermore, people could not meet one another in person, so counting on a team or some assistance to clean and look after the blinds was another challenge. 

We found out that too many people are unsure about how to look after their blinds, so we thought we would create a procedure they could follow to make sure they were well maintained. These are some of the top pointers that we came up with.

Tip #1: Remove dust from roller/dual shades with a vacuum cleaner or compressed air
When it comes to cleaning your blinds, using a cloth or a rag can be challenging and take a lot of time. Furthermore, if not done properly, it could damage the blinds. Other procedures can be used to be most efficient, but it makes sense to treat them delicately and clean them using a vacuum cleaner or compressed air.

Tip #2: Do not scrub, soap, or wash the fabrics
The fabrics should be dry cleaned without using water or other liquids. Additionally, there are specific pieces of equipment used to make sure they are completely cleaned up. Depending on how messy they got and the various types of stains, they might have to be given to professional cleaners, otherwise, for anything else people can clean them themselves.

Tip #3: Wipe top and bottom hardware
Blinds usually have a frame, which holds the wire and mechanism that can be wiped properly to ensure the dirt and grime from the frame do not spread to the blinds. While this is not common, it does happen in some very dusty places. People have to work on cleaning these up properly before they handle anything else. They have to use different equipment if they are planning on cleaning the frames properly, which in some cases meant using rags that you could not use on the rest of the blinds.

Tip #4: Do not use solvents or any abrasive substance that might damage the coatings
There are a lot of acidic or harsher cleaners that generally do a great job when it comes to cleaning up a surface, the platforms in the kitchen, or some stains on the floor or glass windows, but these cannot be used on blinds because they would cause a lot more damage than solving the problem. Additionally, using anything harsh can also damage the blinds, and they would then have to be replaced, which would be counterproductive.

Tip #5: Avoid damage that might cause a malfunction
Blinds are delicate things that open and fold in a specific way, and any minor issues with them can cause issues when putting them together or folding them. They follow a specific opening and closing mechanism that they can use when they are getting through any process. Be very careful when cleaning the blinds so you can make sure that you are doing a good job, and the result is clean blinds that were not damaged.

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